Our Name

Naked Lady Lily (1)

So why did we choose Naked Lady Wines?

Amaryllis belladonna, known as Naked Ladies or Belladonnas. They’re South African bulbs that come from the western side of the Cape, Naked Ladies get their name from the habit of flowering before the foliage in autumn. They send up sturdy spikes of flowers (either pink or white) which have a delicate apricot aroma.

As far as hardy goes, these guys are the ultimate survivors. When you plant them, you plant them fairly high so that only their necks out of the ground – this is because they actually like to bake and they need the heat to flower well. They’ll grow without any soil preparation and they’ll flower without supplementary watering – in fact if watered, they probably won’t flower. They can be a bit temperamental when first planted however and you may not get flowers for the first couple of years.

So why are we called naked lady wines? Because, the Naked Lady Lily grows abundantly throughout the vineyard.